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Slasher 1996-2010

On December 28 of 2010 my pet cat Slasher died. He had been sick for a few weeks and we knew he wouldn’t have much longer, which eased the blow, but we’re certainly going to miss him. Shortly before my … Continue reading

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Sweet Sixteen…Again

It was my birthday this week. (Pause to let people sing) Thank you. On my PVR I had recorded the film Sixteen Candles and had been putting off watching it for lack of interest. But on my birthday I decided … Continue reading

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My interests: Video Games. My Mother’s interests: Gardening. My compromise: Plants vs. Zombies (Game Of The Year Edition). She won’t go for it.

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The Humble and the Modest

I’ve come to realize that modesty is wrong. Modesty, as I’ve seen it used, is down-playing one’s own worth in front of others for the sake of not appearing big-headed. People are modest when they know they are awesome, and … Continue reading

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How To Train Your Dragon – (a film review)

When this movie was first advertised I didn’t think much of it – just another lame kids movie trying to appeal to dragon lovers while taking advantage of the 3-D craze. Then I got a look at the main dragon … Continue reading

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