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‘Vampires Vs. Dragons’ Playlist

This is a list of songs (or instrumental tracks) that were either mentioned by name in the novel Vampires Vs. Dragons or that I listened to for thematic inspiration as I was writing. There’s quite a few more classical tunes … Continue reading

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Chester Bennington

I was stunned when I heard the news that Chester Bennington had died. I intended to write a quick message on Facebook about my feelings, once I had sorted them out, but that ‘quick message’ turned into this blog post … Continue reading

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‘Singularity’ Playlist

One notable feature of my new novel is the ridiculous number of songs referenced throughout the story. I’d heard of authors doing this with some books, in order to add atmosphere to a scene. Some readers like to find the … Continue reading

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Replace One Overplayed Song With Another

Better? Worse?

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‘My Life A.S. Is’ Playlist

I’ve heard about books having their own playlists, like a list of songs for the reader to listen to as they read to further immerse themselves in the book, or songs that the author listened to for inspiration as they … Continue reading

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I’m enjoying the new car radio and how it tells me the name of the song and who sings it, instead of having to play the guessing game like I always had to before. The information feed takes some getting … Continue reading

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I’ve gotten hooked on the game Fate, particularly The Cursed King version, which not only allows you to create and build up a variety of custom characters but also allows you to recruit characters you’ve created to join your party. … Continue reading

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The Z List

It occurred to me recently that I could turn off the music on my computer games, turn on the music player on my laptop, and listen to my own custom playlists while playing games. Having discovered that, I set out … Continue reading

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Unexpected Favourites

I’d buy music CDs or get CDs from friends and recognize some of the songs listed, but then when I listen to them I’m often surprised by which songs intrigue me the most, and end up being played a dozen … Continue reading

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Little Shop Of Horrors (1987) – (a film review)

Considering the success of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’m surprised that this film didn’t have more of a cult following. It has many memorable and outrageous characters. This was one of the first “grown-up” comedies that I saw, and … Continue reading

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