Life is like a video game – you know you’re going the right way when everything’s trying to kill you. If nothing’s trying to kill you, then either the path you’re on is not important, or it’s been done already.


I’m a 30-something Christian guy with Asperger’s Syndrome and a love for fantasy and sci-fi. As such, this blogsite is going to be a place for a religious sci-fi geek with A.D.D. to write down his thoughts. Expect some spiritual blogs, some insights on Asperger’s Syndrome and autism, and some random pop culture references.

As of 2011, I am also a published author. My first book The Kingdom was published through Word Alive Press in May and got me a spot in their 2011 Great Canadian Authors tour, and My Life A.S. Is was published in June 2013. Visit my Books page to check them out.

Why “Benjaminfrog”?

It’s something I used to call myself as a kid. Don’t know why. I thought I was a frog. F.R.O.G. is also an acronym for “Fully Relying On God”. Which would not be true of myself the whole time… Mostly when I have something really big to deal with that I quickly realize I can’t handle on my own. …Or when all other options have been spent.

There is also this, which my sister wrote for a university class…

Frogs are very liminal creatures. They exist on the threshold between two worlds; part of both, part of neither.Anna Sklar

You can contact me via email at bencollier@whiterosewriters.com

I also write at whiterosewriters.com

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6 Responses to About

  1. Dave Adams says:


    Just wanted to say congrats on getting the blog up and running and thanks for your thoughts on Job. See you at church and now online!!!



  2. lorraine o'donnell williams says:

    Dear Ben, saw your announcement of your blog on The Word Guild site. Congrats. Hope to keep up with it. Loved the photo. lorraine williams ( Memories of the Beach: Reflections on a Toronto Childhood)


    Hi Ben,
    I like your blog and I’ll be reading your book. It was great seeing you again at Write! Canada.
    Linda Greenberg

  4. Mary Haskett says:

    Hi Ben,
    I’ve enjoyed visiting your site. Aren’t words wonderful. I definitely know you better, by reading your words! Hope you keep at it.

  5. stacilys says:

    Hey Ben. About 1/2 a year ago I received an awesome book in the mail from my ex-pastor, David Kitz. the name of the book is “My Life A.S. is”. Heard of it? Hehehe. Just joking. I know it’s yours. He told me he met you at a writers conference in Guelph, ON and really felt a nudge from the Lord to buy it for me. My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome last April and I grew up with an autistic brother. I remembered reading in your book about your blog so decided to visit, being that I too am on WordPress. I’m looking forward to reading through it, especially the parts about Asperger’s.
    Blessings =)
    Staci (A God Coloured Girl in a Grey World)

    • benjaminfrog says:

      “My Life A.S. Is”? Yes, it sounds familiar. 🙂

      Thanks for making contact, Staci. It’s good to see things coming together. I don’t remember all the names of the people I met at the conference, but I remember some saying they were picking it up for a friend. I’m glad to see people are enjoying it.

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