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Writing Speculative Fiction as a Christian – Part 5: Through Jesus

Thanks for checking out this series! If this is the first blog you’re reading on ‘Writing Speculative Fiction as a Christian’ then please see my intro on post #1 for context on the reason I’ve put this series together. Today’s … Continue reading

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God’s Approval

Ever had one of those days where you accomplish so much, and yet it’s not enough? Your day is full of hard work and achievements with hardly any time to rest, and yet when it gets late at night you … Continue reading

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Feelings vs. Choice

“If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ‘tis now.” –  Hymn by William R. Featherstone   The line struck me the other night, popping up unexpectedly in my head, because love is still a stark mystery to me, and because … Continue reading

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Revelations from the Book of Job

I wanted to share some of what I’ve learned as I went through my Soul Journey curriculum, and one of the books I assigned myself was the book of Job. I have written here about Job before, in fact, my … Continue reading

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Soul Journey (Christian Rites of Passage and Intimacy with God)

It came to mind to put together a spiritual discipline involving a lot of self-searching and study of the Word of God. Not an ordinary Bible study method, but something combining Bible study, hobbies, and prayer – preferably all done … Continue reading

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Another Way

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The Take Away

August 12, 2006 Today was the last day of the Leadership Summit. One recurring theme was the message of getting past the fear of rocking the boat, of stirring things up, of making people uncomfortable. You need to shake things … Continue reading

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People ask why Jesus came as a man instead of a woman, and many theologians have differing opinions of the exact reason why. I have my own explanation. Jesus came to say, “I died for your sins. I forgive you. … Continue reading

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Where My Cup Rests

Sometimes people aren’t quite sure what I’m doing. I’ll be moving back and forth through the house without sitting down, or I’ll only sit down for a few seconds and then start moving again. When I’m on a mission I … Continue reading

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Bible Study Z

I was reading through Crazy Love, a book by Francis Chan that pointed out one of the aspects of God that I realized I don’t like. Francis asked the question, “Can you worship a God who isn’t obligated to explain … Continue reading

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