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My Life A.S. Is: An Inside Look at Autism and Asperger's Syndrome. Autobiography by Benjamin T. Collier

Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome continue to affect an increasing number of children and adults around the world. They are puzzling conditions that create a barrier of communication between the child and anyone who wishes to know what the child is experiencing. After twenty-plus years of living on the Autism Spectrum, Benjamin T. Collier has written this book to help families understand a part of what their autistic loved ones may be going through. This is Benjamin’s story.

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“Benjamin Collier writes from personal experience.  As one who has lived his life seeing the world through the eyes of autism, he is more than qualified to share the struggles and triumphs.  Benjamin has learned how to laugh–at himself and with others.  He has learned the art of expression and now offers his knowlege to those who are facing the same trials.  Benjamin’s book is filled with humour and heartbreak and leaves the reader cheering.”

Donna Fawcett
award winning novelist and
author of the writing tutorial
Duke the Chihuahua Writes!

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Fantasy & Science Fiction Novels

The Kingdom. Short Fantasy Novel by Benjamin T. Collier

The kingdom of Allandor, once ruled by a noble king who vanished years ago, now lies in the hands of a corrupt steward. In her chambers, Princess Nevaeh, daughter of the king and heir to the throne, waits endlessly for a man whose heart is noble enough to take back the kingdom with her, but no such man can be found. In the dead of night, an unlikely invader into the kingdom sets events in motion which could alter the fate of the kingdom forever.

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“On my first contact with quiet, reserved Benjamin Collier, I didn’t
immediately recognize I had met a special person, a gifted writer with
an explosive imagination. But soon his inspired words carried me into
worlds and adventures far beyond my experience. When you open the
cover of ‘The Kingdom’, hold tight to your chair but release your
imagination as Benjamin transports you on flights of fancy.”

Ray Wiseman, author, columnist, recipient of
The 2009 Leslie K. Tarr Award

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Author’s Note: I would add that The Kingdom contains some mature content, so if you’re thinking of getting it for your kids then I would strongly recommend reading it yourself first and then discerning whether or not your kids are ready for it.

Crimson Dawn. Fantasy Novel by Benjamin T. Collier. Sequel to The Kingdom

In this sequel to The Kingdom, the princess is gone, the realm is in shambles, and Daxion is left to pick up the pieces. In the midst of the kingdom’s darkest hour, a mysterious man appears claiming to have the right to the throne of Allandor. As this man collects a following, Daxion must infiltrate their ranks, discover their intentions, and determine the true nature of this strange figure before his claim to the throne leads to war.

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Singularity. Deep Space Science Fiction Mystery Psychological Thriller Mind-Messer-Upper Novel by Benjamin T. Collier. Cover art by Kirstie Shanks

Colin Wade is on a mission. A mission to study a singularity – the enigmatic centre of a black hole. But things are definitely not going according to plan, as Colin finds himself in an area of space with no visible stars at all, until a lone blue light threatens to engulf the ship in a strange fire. Colin will need all of his cunning, and plenty of unlikely help, to solve the mystery of the singularity, or else find himself lost in space indefinitely.

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“A fabulous read! Very interesting premise. I was caught from the first page and found the unrolling of the plot intriguing. I was kept wondering what new twist would be introduced. The denouement was brilliant and very satisfying. I have already recommended the book to several people. I found that I did not want to put it down.”

Carol Pierce, high school teacher

“This is a perfectly paced mystery of speculative science with a deep emotional undercurrent. It’s just beautifully done. It kept me up till 3 am, and I had tears in my eyes when I finished it. (I’ve seen so many books attempt to tug heartstrings that it takes a lot of authenticity to actually pull a tear from me these days.) Rarely do I read perfect endings. Well done, sir, well done.”

C.L. Dyck, freelance writer and editor

When the high elven princess Zera is taken by an ancient darkness, the kingdom must call for desperate allies to launch her rescue. Three mercenaries: the barbarian Baruda, the warrior monk Erid, and the fellborn goblin Gnash find help in an unlikely companion to help them reach the princess. As they embark into the unknown, their adventure will take them to the darkest places in Vel Ardon, and even throughout time, as they seek the safe return of the lost princess.

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The ‘Horror Vs. Fantasy’ Series

In a post-apocalyptic future, vampires have come out of hiding, and dragons have been released from their icy prisons. The two forces now battle for dominance over the European skies. With the blood moon fast approaching, vampires are poised to come out on top, but something has been calling isolated packs of dragons to unite like never before. In the midst of this, renowned Slayer Ray Hinata, leader of the top dragon-hunting team in Germany, is about to stumble upon an individual who could turn the tide of this war – either toward vampires, or their enemies.

(This horror/fantasy novel was written as a part of the novel-in-a-month challenge, which means it was written from scratch, revised and edited within a single month.)

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In a post-apocalyptic future, goblins have built their own civilization from the ruins of mankind in Eastern Mongolia, and imprisoned werewolves are forced to fight each other in gladiator-like combat. Niko, a pit wolf who’s spent his whole life in cages, has the opportunity of a lifetime to change his fate. But he will be hunted, because the veteran mercenary Grim is on a mission to take him down. Amidst all of this, a group of werewolf freedom fighters look to overthrow the goblin forces controlling the region. Both sides of the conflict will have to plan carefully the blood moon approaches and gives added strength to the beasts. Sides must be taken. Battles must be fought. And fates must be changed.

(This horror/fantasy novel was written as a part of the novel-in-a-month challenge, which means it was written from scratch, revised and edited within a single month.)

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Elves Vs. Zombies main cover 25

For 200 years after the fall of man, the elves taking residence in our world have laid deep under former Beijing, in the care and dominion of the Drow Empire. For all this time the exits to the surface have been blocked by an unfathomable sea of the undead knocking on their door. Some elves view the zombies as their ultimate doom, some view them as their salvation in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, but most are content to simply live underground indefinitely – that is until an outbreak occurs within their own borders.

When the elves come across an unmapped section of the underground facility, questions are raised not only about the nature of the zombie virus, but what role the elves have been playing in securing their own futures without others knowing. Tili, a Wood Elf of the Underwild, joins the party looking to find answers to these mysteries and more.

(This horror/fantasy novel was written as a part of the novel-in-a-month challenge. For more information, see Introduction.)

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Dwarves Vs. Mummies cover 50

For millenia dwarves have lived hidden deep under the plains of Africa mining precious gems, discovering treasures of the ancient world, and building their dwarven city of Oggrast far from the world of men. But when an expedition uncovers a large chamber of a sunken Egyptian city, ancient enemies arise and old rivalries are reignited. The dwarves will need to work together to face this foe of legend, or fall under the bizarre powers of the Guardians of Egypt.

(This horror/fantasy novel was written as a part of the novel-in-a-month challenge. For more information, see Introduction.)

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How-To Books

This book is a comprehensive guide to the world of storytelling. Fantasy and Science-Fiction Author Benjamin T. Collier takes you on a detailed journey through many classic stories audiences know and love, and breaks down the fundamental strengths and flaws of these stories to show you what you need to know to empower your writing.

Are you a new writer with a cool story concept but you’re looking for a place to start? This book is for you. Are you a veteran writer who’s looking to improve your craft? This book is for you. Whether you write novels, plays, or screenplays, The Storyteller’s Handbook shows you strategies to strengthen your writing, realize your concepts, and bring your audience the kind of experience that will keep them wanting more.

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Benjamin T. Collier has also contributed to…

The Fellowship Of The King: The Christian Geek's Guide To Kingdom Purpose. Authors Lynne Collier and Benjamin T. Collier. Covert art by Kirstie Shanks. Christian Self-Development.

Do you ever dream of being more than you are? Being a super-hero who can do marvelous feats for others and God? Someone who can vanquish evil by a spoken word? Well- You Are! We are all part of something bigger than ourselves; a supernatural world which exists parallel to ours and which few of us see but which interacts with ours in a constant battle for Mankind. If you love fantasy tales and cosplay, and your conversations with your friends leave others wondering what the heck you’re talking about, I hope this book helps you realize there are many of us out there who have been called to live the life of a quiet warrior. Think of yourself as a secret agent in God’s army.

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6 Responses to Books by Benjamin T. Collier

  1. authordonna says:

    Benjamin, your review is up on my website:) Great book.

  2. Beverley Hopwood says:

    Hi Benjamin,
    I bought your book MY LIFE A.S. IS at the Word Guild convention in Guelph in June this year and although I am only half way through it, I wanted to let you know it is wonderful: honest, and very enlightening. I wish I could have read it before I started teaching. I certainly would recommend it for all teachers and prospective teachers because it so helpful having been written from your view point. I have friends with Asperger’s and will recommend it to them. First I’m going to finish reading it and will donate it to our church library.
    may God’s blessings fall upon you — Bev

    • benjaminfrog says:

      Thank you, Beverley. 🙂

      Your name sounds familiar, but I don’t remember if we actually met. I get overwhelmed with the number of people at the conference, so I apologize for my lack of memory.

      Your words are very encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and let me know.

  3. Erica says:

    Hi Ben ,met you last Monday night and picked up a copy of The Kingdom and Crimson them in one sitting. Can’t wait to find out what is next for the characters.Hurry up and write some more !

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