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July 25, 2010 Reached Game 400 in FreeCell. 999600 more to go. …Probably not in my lifetime.

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I’ve gotten hooked on the game Fate, particularly The Cursed King version, which not only allows you to create and build up a variety of custom characters but also allows you to recruit characters you’ve created to join your party. … Continue reading

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The Z List

It occurred to me recently that I could turn off the music on my computer games, turn on the music player on my laptop, and listen to my own custom playlists while playing games. Having discovered that, I set out … Continue reading

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Last night I was playing a computer game called Tasty Planet: Back For Seconds about a blob that absorbs everything smaller than itself and gets increasingly larger as it eats. I had played the original game a while ago. It … Continue reading

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My interests: Video Games. My Mother’s interests: Gardening. My compromise: Plants vs. Zombies (Game Of The Year Edition). She won’t go for it.

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