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Top 10 Mid-Series Shake-Ups: part 2

Today I’m finishing off the list of Top 10 Mid-Series Shake-Ups by going over numbers 6-10, because that’s how math works. Again, I’ve put them in order of most frequently used (by my reckoning), which is not the same thing … Continue reading

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Top 10 Mid-Series Shake-Ups: Part 1

When writing a long-running series, sometimes significant changes must occur to give the audience a sense of newness and the passage of time, or just to make sure things don’t get stale. There are a number of different things writers … Continue reading

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Random Posters and Pins 5

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Your Highness – (a film analysis)

I didn’t really enjoy myself the first time I decided to try this movie, and afterward I didn’t know how I felt about it. Then one day I saw it on again and I decided to give it another shot, … Continue reading

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The Last 20 Minutes of Elf – (a two-part film review)

Roughly 20 minutes. It’s about the time that James Caan’s character and his younger son, who clearly have no relationship, have a single moment of connection and it turns out they have a secret handshake. That’s the first sign that … Continue reading

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Elf – (a two-part film review)

I’m doing this review in two parts, because most of this movie was really good, and then the last twenty minutes or so feel like a completely different movie. I’ll explain why in Part Two. The premise of the story … Continue reading

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My Dad… (part 2)

Got some new ones here. A few are obscure but most are recognizable. Also, thanks to shanksxshanks for providing some of these. Part 1 Part 3

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My Dad…

I was originally gonna post this collection on Father’s Day, but then I thought I should post it a few days early so people can find it and share anything they like. I did quite a few of these, so hopefully you’ll find … Continue reading

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Little Shop Of Horrors (1987) – (a film review)

Considering the success of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I’m surprised that this film didn’t have more of a cult following. It has many memorable and outrageous characters. This was one of the first “grown-up” comedies that I saw, and … Continue reading

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Rapid Fire Reviews

This is not to approve or disapprove any of these movies, necessarily, and it’s not to say that some of these movies don’t deserve more detailed reviews in the future. I just wanna try something different – so here it … Continue reading

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