Dwarves Vs. Mummies (New Book Release!)

I just barely missed January for the release date, but I can now say that Dwarves Vs. Mummies is available on Amazon. (eBook to come shortly.) The latest novel in the Horror Vs. Fantasy series, as NaNoWriMo projects go, this one was maybe the most challenging.

Clocking in at over 59,000 words by the time I finished, it’s certainly the longest novel in the series. I can probably blame that on the fact that, in terms of story arc, I was essentially trying to write a season of an anime in one month.

Going back a year or so, when I was deciding how to approach the story, I was struggling to know what kind of powers and personalities to attribute to the mummies to make them interesting. Inspiration didn’t really hit me until I had the thought of connecting each mummy’s powers to one of the Ten Plagues of Egypt, and writing them as if they were villains from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. That combination of details put my imagination to work immediately.

The dwarves, on the other hand, well I already had a pretty good idea of how I was going to approach them, covering the range of types I’ve encountered from traditional fantasy warriors to steampunk mechanics and wizardry too. In fact, I believe the very first concept I had was for a shorter dwarf in a mech suit – that became Dwilia.

The story ended up not only revolving around the conflicts between packs of dwarves and mummies, but involved the collection of magical items as well. New for me, and it put a different spin on the flow of the story. There were far more battles than usual, and I ended up dividing the novel into shorter chapters of 20 instead of the longer 10 chapters I use for most books in this series. It was a challenge to properly pace myself in order to not just reach the minimum 50,000 word count by the end of the month but actually have the story completed.

But there’s more news…

The release of this novel marks my 10th published solo-authored book! I am now a 10-time published author, which wasn’t a specific goal I had in mind when I first began this journey about 20 years ago now. I think at the time I planned to just publish a few mega-popular ones and become an instant millionaire. I’ve had to adjust my expectations a bit since then xD

I knew ahead of time what this book would mean, if I didn’t get another book published beforehand, and asked myself if I really wanted Dwarves Vs. Mummies to be my 10-book milestone. I was like, ‘Yeah, because Ten Plagues of Egypt. It fits!’ Hopefully my readers don’t compare my books to plagues, but I suppose that’s for the critics to decide.

The book can be purchased through Amazon if you’re interested.

And I’ve also put together a Pinterest board for visual aid.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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Yo. I'm a 30-something Christian guy and published author with a love for gaming, fantasy and sci-fi. I blog about pop culture, living as a young Christian guy, and living with A.S.
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