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It seems to me that the disclaimer “Don’t try this at home” leaves us totally open to try it at a friend’s house.

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July 25, 2010 Reached Game 400 in FreeCell. 999600 more to go. …Probably not in my lifetime.

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The Take Away

August 12, 2006 Today was the last day of the Leadership Summit. One recurring theme was the message of getting past the fear of rocking the boat, of stirring things up, of making people uncomfortable. You need to shake things … Continue reading

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Character Building

I’ve been going through my journal lately in preparation for publishing a book on autism, and came across a few entries that I thought might make some good blog posts. Enjoy.  : ) January 8, 2009 I’ve been struggling with … Continue reading

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People ask why Jesus came as a man instead of a woman, and many theologians have differing opinions of the exact reason why. I have my own explanation. Jesus came to say, “I died for your sins. I forgive you. … Continue reading

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