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‘My Life A.S. Is’ Quotes – (part 1)

A few quotes from my autobiography about growing up on the Autism Spectrum. The book is titled My Life A.S. Is: an Inside Look at Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. I’ve been blessed to receive feedback from many people about how … Continue reading

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New Book – ‘The Fellowship Of The King’

  Do you ever wonder what kind of character you would be if you’d lived in a place like Middle Earth or Narnia? What race you would be? What kind of job you’d have? Your weaponry?   My mother, Lynne … Continue reading

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The Message (Part 1 – Hidden Gems)

The message of your story, generally, is also tied very closely to your Core Concept, although the message may not always be obvious when you first start writing. I think it took me a while after I started writing Singularity … Continue reading

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Healing Night

I’m doing something a little different today. I’m gonna share an excerpt from my auto-biography about an event in my life I refer to as Healing Night. It comes up in my diction from time to time, but I realized … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Questions with Overly Complicated Answers

As I’ve been talking with people over the years, and I’ve started doing speaking engagements, there are certain questions that tend to pop up more than others as people want to know about my experiences living with Autism, or just … Continue reading

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Delayed Reaction

A while before my first book was published I was checking out Christian-run video game review sites wondering if writing reviews was in my future. To test out the waters I wrote a video game review for Guide 2 Games … Continue reading

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Interview on Daytime Durham

I was recently interviewed by Sarah Newcomb on Daytime Durham to talk about some of the challenges of living on the Autism Spectrum. As this was my first time speaking on live television it was quite a milestone for me … Continue reading

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God’s Approval

Ever had one of those days where you accomplish so much, and yet it’s not enough? Your day is full of hard work and achievements with hardly any time to rest, and yet when it gets late at night you … Continue reading

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The Rare Autistic Christian

A number of people have asked me if being/becoming a Christian is more difficult as someone on the Autism Spectrum. It’s always seemed like a silly question to me. I thought, what difference should it make? But this question was … Continue reading

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Feelings vs. Choice

“If ever I loved Thee, my Jesus, ‘tis now.” –  Hymn by William R. Featherstone   The line struck me the other night, popping up unexpectedly in my head, because love is still a stark mystery to me, and because … Continue reading

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