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Ultimate Cold Survival Kit

Cold season is on the way and everyone is in survival mode to get through this tough season. We all have our unique needs and coping methods when dealing with sickness. I’ve tried a few different things and after years … Continue reading

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Chester Bennington

I was stunned when I heard the news that Chester Bennington had died. I intended to write a quick message on Facebook about my feelings, once I had sorted them out, but that ‘quick message’ turned into this blog post … Continue reading

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‘Crimson Dawn’ Book Launch Celebration

On July 29th, 2017 I’ll be celebrating the release of Crimson Dawn at Boston Pizza in Bowmanville. I’m inviting everyone to come celebrate with me. I’ll have other books available as well, and 50% of all book sales will go … Continue reading

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The Message (Part 1 – Hidden Gems)

The message of your story, generally, is also tied very closely to your Core Concept, although the message may not always be obvious when you first start writing. I think it took me a while after I started writing Singularity … Continue reading

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New Focus

I’ve been particularly quiet on my blog for the past while. Part of that was because of focusing on book publications – editing and revision work. Another reason though has been new writing prompts and projects that haven’t reached completion … Continue reading

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Existential Quandary

That’s what I would call it. I’d had an ‘Existential Crisis’ before, and it certainly felt like one. This one didn’t feel quite so intense. Although I recognized the depth of the question to be the same kind of depth … Continue reading

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Existential Crisis

I’ve been reading a book titled The Universe Next Door by James W. Sire. It gives exhaustive descriptions of various world views (as many as he was aware of back in the day) talking about how to address various relevant … Continue reading

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Crimson Dawn

    This project saw several delays, but I can finally say that the sequel to ‘The Kingdom’ is now published! My new novel, ‘Crimson Dawn’ is a first for me in many ways. It’s my first published sequel; it’s … Continue reading

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Now Available for Speaking Engagements

For the past two years I’ve been speaking at schools and public events about my life on the Autism Spectrum and what it was like developing from lower to higher-functioning autism. I’ve found myself in a rare position of being … Continue reading

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Upcoming Release – Crimson Dawn

  Well this one has been a long time coming. When I published ‘The Kingdom’ I didn’t expect it to receive the favour it did, particularly the demand for a sequel. It took me some time to think of where … Continue reading

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