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Tournament Year

I recently celebrated my 32nd birthday. I didn’t have much planned but as the day approached I remembered that 32 is a tournament number (a number that can be repeatedly divided by 2 without decimals until it gets to 1). … Continue reading

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Healing Night

I’m doing something a little different today. I’m gonna share an excerpt from my auto-biography about an event in my life I refer to as Healing Night. It comes up in my diction from time to time, but I realized … Continue reading

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  Me: I had to buy a box of different coloured straws. I don’t like that. Also Me: What’s the problem? Me: It’s just one more thing to think about. I have too many decisions to make in a day … Continue reading

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Smile! (an Adventure in Editing)

I’m done! At least I’m done the first round of edits. There are more to come once my editor has looked over the changes, but the process becomes significantly easier with each round, as problems are fixed and we narrow … Continue reading

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Break Time

    This current editing process seems to be dragging on somewhat. I know part of that is a busy schedule; I’ve got more on my plate these days than I used to. But I also know part of that … Continue reading

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Frequently Asked Questions with Overly Complicated Answers

As I’ve been talking with people over the years, and I’ve started doing speaking engagements, there are certain questions that tend to pop up more than others as people want to know about my experiences living with Autism, or just … Continue reading

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I’m so excited to have this new book published! Singularity is my third published book, and second novel. It’s quite a switch from my first novel as it is set in the Science Fiction genre. I’ve been interested in Space … Continue reading

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Fighting Over Porn

I’m in the midst of a struggle. The idea of watching porn has been more appealing lately, as happens sometimes. At present, I’m managing to say ‘no,’ though I think the primary cause of saying ‘no’ right now is pride … Continue reading

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Delayed Reaction

A while before my first book was published I was checking out Christian-run video game review sites wondering if writing reviews was in my future. To test out the waters I wrote a video game review for Guide 2 Games … Continue reading

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Busier Time

I’ve been very quiet on my blog lately, and I think it’s time I should explain the cause.   The reason is I’ve been writing – just not in this particular location. It’ll be two years this June since my … Continue reading

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