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The Wounds of Discovery

My nephew Nate burnt his hand the other day. 😦 You know that thing where you tell a kid, “Don’t touch that. It’s hot,” and they touch it anyway, just because they need to verify that, yes, it is indeed … Continue reading

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The Latest Episode of Fringe

(Obviously if you haven’t seen it then this whole post is a spoiler. Just to warn you.) I’m concerned. I wouldn’t mind Olivia switching personalities like that maybe once a season or so, but if they’re planning to make this … Continue reading

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Little Big Planet 2 – (week 7)

If you’re not familiar with the Level Creation mechanics of Little Big Planet 2 then much of this will be foreign language. My apologies. As I mentioned in my previous blog, the first thing I got focused on when I … Continue reading

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The Snot Stage

I’ve entered into what I refer to as the “Snot Stage” of my current cold. Most refer to it as the “Sniffles”, which is less direct. This is the stage that I always look forward to. Compared to the Sore … Continue reading

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In strong cases of autism, when the individual spends most of their time in their own world (as I did) they may not be aware that other people have their own individual thoughts. I can think back to a time … Continue reading

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Rapid Fire Reviews

This is not to approve or disapprove any of these movies, necessarily, and it’s not to say that some of these movies don’t deserve more detailed reviews in the future. I just wanna try something different – so here it … Continue reading

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