NaNoWriMo 2022 (Week 1)

How is everyone’s NaNo project going?

Mine is going terrible!

At least that’s how I felt on Day 1, when I began this year’s NaNoWriMo with a cold so bad it was hard to think. Even getting a head start by working after midnight didn’t help me stay ahead of the work load.

Fortunately, I seem to be on the mend now, albeit slowly. Thinking capacity is back to normal levels (for me, anyway) and I’ve finally managed to get my daily word count on track 😀

And since this project is now officially underway, that means I’m ready for the big reveal.

This year’s Horror Vs. Fantasy project is (drum roll) …

Dwarves Vs. Mummies

One of the odder pairings, if I’m honest. The two groups have little to do with each other, apart both being underground and tending to have treasure nearby (oh, maybe more in common than I thought).

Neither group had been much on my radar until I decided I wanted to do this project, and even after that it took some time to get the creative ball rolling with knowing how to approach these characters as far as their personalities are concerned (not a lot of mummies with personalities in pop culture, ya know?)

It wasn’t until I got invested in a particular anime and its style of writing characters with bizarre abilities that I finally got an idea of how to approach them as characters.

Now that that hurdle is out of the way, I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with these two groups.

I’ve got the Pinterest Board up and running now to help me out with some inspirational imagery.

As far as music, the best moodsetting for dwarves has basically been playing Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ and ‘Immigrant Song’ on repeat (with one track from One Punch Man for some reason I can’t explain even to myself).

In much the same way as I had assigned AC/DC as the ‘official’ band of the goblins, I’ve come to associate Led Zeppelin with the dwarves. My larger playlist started off as just all Led Zeppelin tracks while I decided what else to add. It made for a good starting point.

How is your NaNo project coming along? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you 🙂

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Yo. I'm a 30-something Christian guy and published author with a love for gaming, fantasy and sci-fi. I blog about pop culture, living as a young Christian guy, and living with A.S.
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1 Response to NaNoWriMo 2022 (Week 1)

  1. I can already tell I want to read this book! Brilliant concept, Ben.

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