Little Big Planet 2 – (a chill post)

I realized it’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I’d do a chill post and let you guys know what I’ve been doing recently.

Last week I picked up Little Big Planet 2 for the Playstation 3. I’ve been waiting for this game like you wouldn’t believe. I had heard the stories about Little Big Planet long before I bought a PS3 – essentially it’s a video game about creation. The physics engine is incredibly detailed, and the tools available for level editing allow the player to create practically any environment. The one thing I heard that troubled me was the lack of enemy creation tools – and if I can’t kill something I make then what’s the point?

By the time I bought a PS3 they had already announced Little Big Planet 2 which, based on what I heard, was going to include everything I believed the first game was missing. So I opted out of buying the first game because once I started toying about with the level creator I wanted to have all the tools at my disposal.

It was the first item on my Christmas list this year…but then it was delayed until January. That was a major bummer. But I have to give them credit for not rushing out an unfinished game just to make the season rush. Most game developers don’t have such self-discipline.

So I finally got my hands on the game last week…and I’ve been struggling to sleep ever since.

I have to admit I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of options that go into level creation. I’ve never seen a form of customization this deep in any game before. It’s like discovering Lego all over again.

In the short time that I’ve had it I’ve managed to make a Final Fight-style level and a competetive minigame consisting of Bounce Pads. Not much. The first several hours were spent expirimenting with a tool called The Creationator which can be made to shoot anything in the game as ammunition – that includes anything I create myself. I have a gun that shoots swords, a gun that shoots beach balls, a gun that shoots metal fists in rapid succession, a gun that causes giant fireballs to rain down from the sky… It’s just odd that you must wear the gun on your head like a hat. Oh well, I am still feared. Mwahaha.

More recently I’ve spent time designing common, real-world objects that are programmed to fall apart and explode in various ways as they take damage – like cars. Cars are fun. I only had to build that car once but I’ve destroyed it dozens of times – one of the benefits of the digital universe.

Another thing that really impresses me about this game is that it hasn’t had a panic attack yet. I’ve used level-building tools in other games, and most of them don’t respond well to my creativity. Little Big Planet politely and calmly tells me when I have too many things happening in one area. Most games just curl up into a ball and look for their happy place.

Unfortunately I’m unable to get an internet connection for my PS3 where I live, so I’m locked out from the online community of Little Big Planet, which I know is a huge part of this game. But even without that, I know there’s enough here to keep my creative side healthy for a long time.

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Yo. I'm a 30-something Christian guy and published author with a love for gaming, fantasy and sci-fi. I blog about pop culture, living as a young Christian guy, and living with A.S.
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5 Responses to Little Big Planet 2 – (a chill post)

  1. Cobra Commander says:

    I’m glad that I got to see all the new functions and details for this game during my visit, there were a few things that I wished they had changed and they did; It’s obvious that they took note of consumer desires.

    I have to agree with you on how impressive Little Big Planet is when it comes to how well it handles and at times even boosts your creativity, they got that right from the start. The main reason I bought the first LBP was because I wanted to design levels but I was half expecting it to be glitchy considering the amount of functions and materials they provide you with. It wasn’t at all like that.

    I can’t wait to purchase the second game…. mostly excited for the creationator.

    • benjaminfrog says:

      Yeah, apparently when given the tools to create things, weapons are my first priority. And my second priority is things I can destroy using said weapons.

      I haven’t even made any particularly good enemies yet. Just some balance-impaired ninjas. …And a sword that gives birth to ninjas.

      That was a fun night. I’m glad we could hang out.

  2. Mum says:

    I know you’ve been waiting for a game like this for a long time now so I’m really happy they’ve come out with what you wanted.
    NOW GET TO BED!! :0)

  3. Peter says:

    This game sounds great. Can you make levels like this?

    • benjaminfrog says:


      It may be surprising to some that I haven’t tried making a Mario clone yet. I’m still figuring out the mechanics of making a fighting game of some kind. And I recently made armies of moths and beetles go to war with each other. Basically a lot of expirimenting.

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