Unexpected Favourites

I’d buy music CDs or get CDs from friends and recognize some of the songs listed, but then when I listen to them I’m often surprised by which songs intrigue me the most, and end up being played a dozen times on the first day. I thought I’d do a list of some of the CDs I’ve listened to and some of the unexpected favourite songs that came out of them.

Kutless “Kutless” – Pride Away

Kutless “It Is Well” – I’m Still Yours

(Still gets me choked up sometimes.)

Starfield “The Saving One” – Declaration Of Dependence

(This is the song that in my mind legitimized Starfield as a rock group, instead of just “a nice Christian music group.” I am thoroughly impressed with these guys.)

Evanescence “Fallen” – Tourniquet

(This is now my favourite song of all.)

Linkin Park “Hybrid Theory” – Papercut

(I know the feeling. Perfectionism is a constant battle for me. I find this is one of those songs that I have to listen to in moderation though – too much all the time gets depressing.)

Daughtry “Daughtry” – What I Want

Avril Lavigne “Under My Skin” – Forgotten

(This was a huge surprise to me. I didn’t know she had that much Rock in her. I picked up this CD for the song “Nobody’s Home.” There was a great deal on it in the store and the album was before the “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend” era. This has become the second-most-played song on my laptop.)

The Who “Then And Now 1964-2004” – Pinball Wizard

(I could not stop playing this.)

Amanda Marshall “Amanda Marshall” – Beautiful Goodbye

(I got this CD for “(Trust Me) This Is Love,” which is a very important song to me, but I’ve ended up listening to this song more often. It’s hauntingly beautiful.)

The Glorious Unseen “Tonight The Stars Speak” – Wrapped Up In You

Hillsong “A Beautiful Exchange” – Forever Reign

Parachute Band “Love Without Measure” – You Remain

Matt Redman “Blessed Be Your Name” – Undignified

(This one really gets me fired up for worship.)

The Smiths “The Wedding Singer (Soundtrack)” – How Soon Is Now?

(I bought my mother this CD for her birthday, along with the DVD. She loves that movie. And I suppose the song we were most excited about getting was “Somebody Kill Me Please” by Adam Sandler. But this song grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. It wasn’t until I could listen carefully to the lyrics that I understood that this song was speaking to my
struggles with A.S.)

Payable On Death “P.O.D. Greatest Hits: The Atlantic Years” – Boom

Journey “The Essential Journey” – Wheel In The Sky

Creedence Clearwater Revival “Chronicle 1” – Commotion

Blue Rodeo “Five Days In July” – Head Over Heels

(The chorus of this song reminds me that I can come to God no matter what state I’m in.)

Need To Breathe “The Heat” – Restless

Need To Breathe “The Outsiders” – Through The Smoke

Johnny Cash “The Legend Of Johnny Cash” – Rusty Cage

(This has become the most-played song on my laptop.)

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Yo. I'm a 30-something Christian guy and published author with a love for gaming, fantasy and sci-fi. I blog about pop culture, living as a young Christian guy, and living with A.S.
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  1. pinball wizard IS a ridiculously addictive song.

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