Little Big Planet 2 – (week 41)

Haven’t been working on this game much the past few months, though lately I’ve been in the mood for destroying buildings so, I finally got around to starting that Giant Monster level.

Now that I’ve actually started and am expirimenting and seeing what the potential is for a giant monster level, I can’t believe I didn’t get to this sooner. Experience has shown that when getting together my friends we get the most enjoyment out of LBP2 levels when the Grabbinator tool is involved. We really like tossing each other around. So what could be more fun than throwing each other into buildings – and then throwing said buildings at each other?

There’s been constant traffic jams in the urban environments during gameplay, and at first I thought it was because the exits I designed for the vehicles were too small. But further playing, coupled with basic logic, helped me realize that the real problem was that I kept chucking buildings onto the roadways. That seems like a natural recipe for a traffic jam.

I’m still tweaking the mechanics, and now that I’ve gotten started thinking of things like how civilians and vehicles should respond to certain events, I can’t shut my brain off. I’m wondering how I can incorporate the Power Rangers into this…perhaps having the Dragonzord as a boss battle.

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