Dragon Ball Z Species Questionaire

Ever wonder what species or character type you might be if you were a character in the Dragon Ball universe? I have put together a list of questions to help you find out. Or at least to get a vague idea. This questionaire is unofficial, experimental, and subject to change as I come up with better ideas.

There are 25 questions in total, each with 9 possible answers, and each answer has a number next to it. Go with whichever answer (or answers) suit you best (since there might not always be an answer that fits you perfectly, or there may be quite a few), write down the numbers somewhere, tally up which number(s) show up most with your answers, then check the results at the bottom of the post to find out what you are. Don’t worry about getting mixed results, the Dragon Ball universe is known to have mixed up characters. You may be the result of a Fusion.


Question 1

When hurt, you tend to…

1)      Come back stronger than ever.

2)      Cry.

3)      Recover quickly and completely.

4)      Find the sensation unfamiliar and annoying.

5)      Hardly notice.

6)      Both 1 and 3.

7)      Convincingly laugh it off.

8)     Immediately regret this decision.

9)     Take a moment, assess the damage, then make a complete recovery.


Question 2

Other people tend to…

1)      Admire your strong spirit.

2)      Hit on you.

3)      Try to figure out which country you’re from.

4)      Serve you loyally out of fear.

5)      Mistake you for a normal person until you prove otherwise.

6)      Other people are just tools for achieving your goals.

7)      Shower you with praise, which you feel is completely and totally deserved.

8)     Pester you for help.

9)     Have no idea what to make of you.


Question 3

You believe the best form of self-improvement is…

1)      Training under intense conditions.

2)      Research.

3)      Getting in touch with a part of yourself you’ve been ignoring.

4)      Simply being your true self.

5)      Unnecessary. Nothing is a threat to you.

6)      Following the path that you were designed for.

7)      Breaking more things.

8)     Earrings (or other accessories).

9)     Learning from and soaking in the natural talents of those around you.


Question 4

You prefer to eat…

1)      A lot.

2)      Snacks on the go.

3)      In moderation.

4)      Crustaceans.

5)      Only when it looks cool.

6)      Whatever will help you achieve the body you want.

7)      Home-cooked meals.

8)     Professional Catering.

9)     Cookies, candy and chocolate.


Question 5

You enjoy watching…

1)      A good fight.

2)      Lectures.

3)      The growth and development of things you care for.

4)      Fireworks.

5)      Nothing. There’s never anything good on.

6)      People’s reaction to your awesomeness.

7)      Yourself on film.

8)     The fruitless endeavors of mortals.

9)     Whatever. …Mostly you make your own entertainment.


Question 6

Your mood tends to change when…

1)      There’s a full moon.

2)      You meet someone cute.

3)      Asked to do something awkward.

4)      Someone questions your judgement.

5)      People don’t take you seriously.

6)      Things don’t go your way.

7)      Someone else is getting more attention.

8)     People don’t get your jokes.

9)     Denied candy.


Question 7

Your favourite battle strategy is…

1)      Press on until you make it.

2)      Demand that somebody save you.

3)      Buy as much time as possible for your allies to gain strength.

4)      Destroy your enemy’s home planet.

5)      Use your opponent’s power against them.

6)      Announce your presence and let everyone come to you.

7)      Demoralize your opponent, show off, then finish with a signature attack.

8)     Stare them down.

9)     Observe your opponent’s movements, then copy them.


Question 8

You are easily distracted by…

1)      Hunger.

2)      Hot people.

3)      Loud noises.

4)      Insolence.

5)      The desire to break something.

6)      Nothing.

7)      Your own worries.

8)     Boredom.

9)     Everything.


Question 9

Your favourite animals are…

1)      Dragons (or something similar).

2)      Cats.

3)      You prefer plants over animals.

4)      Monkeys. (Mwahahaha)

5)      Birds.

6)      Insects.

7)      Bats

8)     Anything you can chase around.

9)     Puppies!


Question 10

You tend to hang around…

1)      Former enemies who have become your friends.

2)      Family and longtime friends.

3)      Just one person in a place far away from others.

4)      Lackies with impressive fashion sense.

5)      Others like you.

6)      Nobody. People annoy you.

7)      Those who constantly praise your awesomeness.

8)     Nature.

9)     People who give you things.


Question 11

When you get aggravated you…

1)      Often gain strength.

2)      Grind your teeth.

3)      Roar.

4)      Get a nervous twitch.

5)      Pretend not to be affected.

6)      Whine.

7)      Remind people of who you are.

8)     Refuse to offer help.

9)     Blow off steam.


Question 12

Your dream home is…

1)      Great for exercise.

2)      Hi-tech.

3)      On top of a high tower overlooking the earth.

4)      A space fortress.

5)      Ever changing. You don’t like to stay in one place for too long.

6)      In the middle of nowhere.

7)      A mansion.

8)     Your own planet.

9)     Shaped like a dog.


Question 13

You don’t seem to understand…

1)      Typical Earth women.

2)      Why people don’t like you more.

3)      The emotional needs of others.

4)      How long a “minute” is.

5)      The functionality of “free will.”

6)      Anything not worth your attention.

7)      Anything more powerful than yourself.

8)     Kids these days.

9)     Basic manners.


Question 14

In the middle of a fight you often…

1)      Have a huge grin on your face.

2)      Scream in panic.

3)      Crack your neck as loud as possible.

4)      Inform your opponent of how doomed they are.

5)      Fix your hair.

6)      Taunt your opponent’s weaknesses.

7)      Strike a pose.

8)     Take a moment to analyze your opponent.

9)     Fall asleep.


Question 15

Your preferred clothing is…

1)      Something flexible.

2)      Very 80’s.

3)      Weighted training clothes.

4)      Broad-shouldered.

5)      Jeans.

6)      None.

7)      The Championship Belt.

8)     Regal.

9)     A cape and mittens.


Question 16

When faced with impossible odds, you tend to…

1)      Get excited.

2)      Lament that your talents are going to waste.

3)      Fall back and strategize.

4)      Become indignant.

5)      Ignore the odds.

6)      Ask why it’s happening this way.

7)      Get a runny nose.

8)     Give in to your fate.

9)     Scream loud enough to tear a hole in the fabric of reality.


Question 17

When it’s time for a change of style you…

1)      Colour your hair.

2)      Are always trying new styles anyway.

3)      Aren’t quite sure what people mean by “style”.

4)      Get some piercings.

5)      Tend to go for something more western.

6)      Try to build some muscle.

7)      Go for something more comfortable.

8)     Copy someone else’s exact appearance.

9)     Change your top, and continue to wear the same pair of pants you wear every day.


Question 18

You’re flying for the first time ever. You’re immediate reaction is…

1)      You’re surprised at how easy and natural it is.

2)      You feel like a genius for figuring out how it works.

3)      You’re busy concentrating.

4)      “The first time? I can’t even remember that far back.”

5)      You wonder when it will get interesting.

6)      Up here, you feel like this is where you belong.

7)      You’re not satisfied until you can fly as skillfully as others.

8)     “I live here now.”

9)     “Wheeeeeeee!”


Question 19

You’ve just learned a new fighting technique, so you…

1)      Rush into doing the most extreme version of it and likely get yourself killed.

2)      Come up with the coolest name you can think of for it.

3)      Wait for the right moment and catch your opponent off guard.

4)      Don’t really care. You already know all your best moves.

5)      Practice on weaklings.

6)      Arrange for the most challenging opponents to test it on.

7)      Announce it and make sure everyone’s watching.

8)     Look for a worthy student to teach it to.

9)     Only use it if it seems fun.


Question 20

Your thoughts on settling down and having kids are…

1)      You must raise your children to be stronger than all the other children.

2)      You hope your kids are cute. 🙂

3)      You never really think about it.

4)      Children would be a threat to your dominion.

5)      You must raise your children to be the most stylish.

6)      Your children must be exactly like you.

7)      Any suitors for your daughters must prove that they can best you in combat.

8)     They’re too much work.

9)     Let’s get a puppy! 😀


Question 21

It’s the middle of the day and the sky turns dark all of the sudden. You suspect it must be…

1)      Trouble.

2)      The weather.

3)      A giant dragon that grants wishes.

4)      Family visiting.

5)      Somehow your fault.

6)      A sign.

7)      A trick.

8)     Green as well, to create the right mood.

9)     Bedtime.


Question 22

Your favourite Queen song is…

1)      Princes of the Universe

2)      Somebody To Love

3)      Rock music hurts your ears.

4)      Gimme The Prize

5)      Another One Bites the Dust

6)      I Want It All

7)      We Are The Champions

8)     A Kind of Magic

9)     Fat Bottomed Girls


Question 23

You relate most to this real-life figure…

1)      Bruce Lee

2)      Steve Jobs

3)      Mother Teresa

4)      Genghis Khan

5)      Victoria Beckham

6)      Alexander the Great

7)      Chuck Norris

8)     Beyonce

9)     Jack Black


Question 24

Your ultimate goal in life is to…

1)      Face really strong opponents.

2)      Find romance.

3)      Maintain the world.

4)      Dominate.

5)      Complete a particular task to the best of your abilities.

6)      Achieve perfection.

7)      Receive praise.

8)     Free the world from all problems.

9)     Have fun.


Question 25

Your name kinda sounds like…

1)      A vegetable.

2)      An undergarment.

3)      A musical instrument.

4)      A temperature.

5)      A number.

6)      A body part.

7)      Evil.

8)     A title.

9)     A magic spell.



1)      Saiyan: You have a strong fighting spirit and are always searching for greater challenges to overcome. You are constantly pushing the boundaries of what even you think you are capable of. You tend to make a lot of enemies, but your enemies often come to respect and admire your strength in the end and will sometimes become allies.


2)      Briefs: A special breed of Human. You are a deadly combination of good looks and good brains. People often underestimate your skills, especially with technology, hence you tend to rant about yourself whenever you succeed at something. You have a romantic heart but tend to be over-dramatic. You give your heart away too easily.


3)      Namekian: You tend to feel like a foreigner in a strange land. You’re not even sure if you know what ‘home’ really is. Yet you also feel a need to cultivate the earth and keep it safe. Other people may find you cold, and when faced with impossible odds you will make whatever sacrifices are necessary for the sake of the greater good. You make few but lasting friendships, and can be a great mentor when the need arises.


4)      Arcosian: You lead people by overpowering them. You have a strong sense of nobility and feel that your power and high position in life are your birthright. You have many layers, and like to only reveal a little bit of yourself at a time. You have known little fear in your life because rarely if ever have you met anyone who matched your power. You dislike Saiyans because you fear what they may be capable of.


5)      Android: You look like you should fit in, but you don’t. You are task-oriented and often cannot think of anything else before your task is finished, but you are not necessarily in a hurry to get things done. You were practically born awesome and, feeling no need to improve, you focus your self-development in other areas, like accessorizing. You can be a bit vain. You live without fear of most types, except for the Cells. You were created for the sole purpose of killing Goku, but may decide not to bother.


6)      Cell: A special type of Android. You are a driven perfectionist. You believe in destiny and have a strong sense of purpose, but might undervalue others as having no purpose of their own apart from how they can help you realize your goals. You feel as though everything centers around you. You are blessed with many natural talents but must still work to develop and perfect them.


7)      Champion of Earth: A type of human. You think very highly of yourself, and so do most of the people you hang around. Whenever you see something that might possibly be more awesome than you it is shrugged off as a trick. You hold tight to the glory you have now, because it’s all you know, but when it comes time to really step up you may be surprised at what you are actually capable of. Most other types will dislike you, except for the Buus.


8)      Kai: A benevolent being responsible for maintaining balance and order in your own section of the cosmos (however big that may be). You are wise at heart, easily trusted, and given much responsibility. Sometimes the work can be overwhelming, but you generally manage, even if your methods and personality seem eccentric. You have much to teach others, and command much respect from those around you. Life changes happen rarely, but when they do they are drastic and tend to be long-term.


9)      Buu: You are young at heart. You are often misunderstood because you’re still learning about the world around you and hold a sense of wonder for it. You are a quick learner, and usually only need to see something done once before you pick it up. Your naivety can get you into trouble if you listen to the wrong people. You have a love of all things cute and sweet.

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6 Responses to Dragon Ball Z Species Questionaire

  1. lynnecollier says:

    ANDROID. WTFabric of time?!

  2. benjaminfrog says:

    I came out as Namekian-Briefs. I don’t even think there’s a character for that.

  3. Turns out I am a Saiyan, which I guess ultimately is not surprising. The second most for me was surprisingly Cell.

  4. benjaminfrog says:

    For Buu, I was torn between “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “Don’t Stop Me Now.” The relevance of one is more immediately apparent, though when I listen to “Don’t Stop Me Now” I can definitely picture Buu flying around the world leveling everything in his path. In the end though, I went with the more obvious choice.

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