Singularity. Deep Space Science Fiction Mystery Psychological Thriller Mind-Messer-Upper Novel by Benjamin T. Collier. Cover art by Kirstie Shanks

I’m so excited to have this new book published!

Singularity is my third published book, and second novel. It’s quite a switch from my first novel as it is set in the Science Fiction genre. I’ve been interested in Space Exploration Mysteries since I was a child watching Star Trek: The Next Generation. I’ve long wanted to try my hand at it.

The process of writing and publishing this book was an interesting one. I had planned for something like three years that in 2015 I would publish a particular book, then in the middle of last year my priorities changed, and I knew the book that I had already written would have to be postponed at least another year. But it would mean waiting three years or more between my last book and my next book. I wasn’t comfortable with that, and wanted to have something to offer my readers this year as well.

So last summer it was a scramble to look over my list of potential writing projects and choose one that I felt I knew the story outline well (so I could get started immediately), and that in my head was a relatively short story (so I could finish it quickly). The project I settled on was Singularity. A surprise, because I knew the structure of this story was quite different from anything I had done or read before, so I had originally intended to wait for this one until later in my career when I had more established confidence in my writing craft. For one thing, I wasn’t even sure the story would make sense, which is why I was specifically compelled to call upon test readers to give me feedback before I tried publishing it. The tests all came back extremely positive, which gave me confidence to move forward with the project.

To describe it in a nutshell, it’s Groundhog Day in space – with two particular twists on the known formula, which will become apparent as you read it.

It’s a story concept I had been interested in doing for a while, ever since I’d watched a particular documentary on the nature of singularities. I was just expecting to save this story for later. However, it was the only project I felt I could write, edit, and have published within a 10-month period (while finishing editing on another book as well). Now that I’ve done it, and I know that I can start a writing project and have it published within a year, I’m urged to get into a rhythm of having a new book out each year, and am already laying the background on a new story.

I’m very excited to be able to share this new book with my readers. I hope you will all enjoy! 🙂


To check it out on Amazon, click here

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Yo. I'm a 30-something Christian guy and published author with a love for gaming, fantasy and sci-fi. I blog about pop culture, living as a young Christian guy, and living with A.S.
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    As Benjamin’s Promotional Assistant, here’s his announcement of his new book. I’m very excited for him. It’s a great book, and had me riveted from start to finish!

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    Reblogged this on Wyrdwend.

  4. benjaminfrog says:

    Thank you for your support and encouragement, guys. It’s uplifting to see everyone’s excitement. 🙂

  5. sfmoments says:

    We didn’t get much time at Write!Canada to talk – glad you could come on Saturday though. This book looks very interesting. Good for you

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