Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – (an analysis)

I claim that this movie didn’t impress me as much as people in the gaming community kept telling me it would – and yet I’ve watched it several times now. I guess even though it doesn’t fit my criteria of “pure awesomeness” it is still a very enjoyable movie that speaks
loudly to gaming culture.

It is also a very WEIRD movie that either creates its own genre or fits into a genre I haven’t heard of. And I would like to see other films like this in the future.

Having watched it several times, I think I “get” most of it now, but there are still some questions that nag at me. I’ve decided to make a list of each and present them to you guys and see what you think.

What I Don’t Get

If Wallace keeps stealing Staci’s boyfriends then why is she still friends with him? Is it because she needs his gossip to feed her life-force?

If being Vegan allows Todd to use 100% of his brain and gain psychic powers – how come he’s still an idiot?

At the end of the first fight, why are Scott and Matthew suddenly able to read each other’s minds?

Is Gideon supposed to be a cool villain or a lame villain? He has a douschy personality and that annoying mole/zit/thing, but he also has what looks like a Lightsaber version of
Sephiroth’s sword that he summons by performing Ninja hand-gestures. Then he doesn’t hold his sword right. Those elements don’t go together.

Exactly how many points does Scott need to earn an extra life?

How come the only thing Gideon’s guards know how to do is jump?

When you die, is the number of coins you leave behind determined by your networth?

Do you get coins for losing a limb?

If your arm gets cut off do you have time to reattach it or does it immediately turn into coins?

What I Do Get

Subspace is the name of the world of dreams in Super Mario Bros. 2, so when Ramona says she uses a Subspace tunnel to get around quicker, that’s how Scott is able see her in his dreams. I also think that’s what the white doors are.

TMP means Too Much Punch. …I think.

Liver Disaster is not a real flavour of tea.

Gideon’s logo is a reverse Triforce.

Nega Scott is like Dark Link.

Kim is sarcastic.

Scott meant to say “love.”


The coolest image in this movie is Kim drumming in the snow while death-glaring the evil twins. Kim rocks!

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