The Storyteller’s Handbook

The Storyteller's Handbook by Benjamin T. CollierThe Storyteller’s Handbook is now officially released! This is my fifth published book in total, and my first foray into the self-help genre. The art of storytelling has been a growing subject on my heart over recent years and eventually I felt it was time to compile together everything I’d learned so far from my studies and observations and publish it as its own book.

Trimmed samples from some of the subjects covered in the book have already been published on my blog as individual posts, starting with The Core Concept and ending with How To Write Love Stories, with several other subjects in between. The book goes deeper into subjects like how to communicate your Message, the nuances of Tension, and different types of Heroes and Villains, including new material on writing lesser known Contagonists and Dark Mirror Villains.

I also added sections on writing Sequels and Prequels, and the adaptation of techniques like reader Association and something I call the Surrogate Burden to generate greater reader empathy.

Given that storytelling techniques are something I am constantly learning the more I watch and read (and even play through) various works of art, I imagine more material will come to my mind to share on this blog, and possibly later editions of The Storyteller’s Handbook if later editions are made.

In the mean-time, I’m also continuing work on my own stories, with added accountability now to try and take some of my own advice. Fortunately I’ve got my own copy. 🙂

Book Synopsis below.

This book is a comprehensive guide to the world of storytelling. Fantasy and Science-Fiction Author Benjamin T. Collier takes you on a detailed journey through many classic stories audiences know and love, and breaks down the fundamental strengths and flaws of these stories to show you what you need to know to empower your writing.

Are you a new writer with a cool story concept but you’re looking for a place to start? This book is for you. Are you a veteran writer who’s looking to improve your craft? This book is for you. Whether you write novels, plays, or screenplays, The Storyteller’s Handbook shows you strategies to strengthen your writing, realize your concepts, and bring your audience the kind of experience that will keep them wanting more.

About benjaminfrog

Yo. I'm a 30-something Christian guy and published author with a love for gaming, fantasy and sci-fi. I blog about pop culture, living as a young Christian guy, and living with A.S.
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